the eagle line



Our Road and Triathlon Bikes go through the strictest of scientific testing. We use high grade carbon and mold it to to get the stiffest compliance and most aerodynamic design to make the bike that is the most comfortable ride on the market


We build U shaped wheels, we spoke them, we true them and we put on the hub. These are assembled by professional bike mechanics in the USA. You can pick your spokes,


It took several years to perfect our frames and wheels and create products that strike a perfect balance between performance and price. Take a look at our story and how we got here.

Eagle Wear

Get your Eagle Kit, Eagle shirt, and all your Eagle Wear! Only the best material goes into our apparel line. We know how comfortable clothing is a recipe for a fast ride.

About Us

Know the story of your bike and where it came from

Eagle Bicycles is an American bicycle brand and wheel company with decades of experience in bicycle race technology. Our founders knew they could bring affordable carbon bicycles to the market and after several years of hard work and planning, they did. Our bicycles are designed in Germany and assembled in the United States by certified professional technicians. Our three top technicians have over 80 years combined experience working on bikes either in race events or in professional bike shops. We look to the future by focusing exclusively on providing top-quality, affordable carbon road bikes, carbon triathlon bikes, carbon mountain bikes, and carbon wheels. Carbon fiber is undisputed in being the best material available for these applications—rather than go down the safe route of alloy bike and parts production, we jumped headfirst into carbon fiber production in order to provide our customers with the best value and performance possible. Our goal is to provide carbon products at traditionally alloy pricepoints, and we've done it. Already have a bike? We offer carbon wheels at an affordable price so you can experience the ride quality and speed of carbon without breaking the bank.